"Draymond Goes OFF, I'm HAPPY We Lost!", "We're Not A Championship Team RN"- Postgame

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Starting off with Draymond staying true to himself, showing the passion we're used to seeing.
01:05 - Draymond continues postgame
02:44 - Locked On Warriors Podcast right after the game
04:10 - KD explains what happened with Draymond

Doesn't matter if you like Draymond, you've got to love the fact that the guy stays true to himself no matter what.
He doesn't like what's going on in Golden State right now and he isn't afraid to show it. They are a great team, they've got 4 superstars on top of Zaza, Iguodala, Livingston...but they can't get comfortable and overlook massive issues while literally every single team in the league is gunning to take them down, especially Cleveland and the Spurs.

I wish we would see this type of passion more, can't win a championship with just with a happy go lucky attitude, so fuck that.
Be frustrated, be mad, figure things out and improve as a team. Better to do it now than to fall apart in the Playoffs.
I'm sure Kevin Durant appreciates what Green is doing as well, it's exactly what they need.

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